Our History

Our history includes many people of different backgrounds coming together to speak with one voice. Explore our history and join us as we move forward in the next chapter of CPJ.

An Army of Problem Solvers

AGM 2017: Reconciliation Needs Problem Solvers

At CPJ’s Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg, Shaun Loney delivered a keynote address on the real essence of reconciliation in Canadian society. Loney’s book, An Army of Problem Solvers, provides deep insights into the connections between reconciliation and economic prosperity in Indigenous communities.

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Time for Churches to Speak as One

AGM 2015: Time for Churches to Speak as One

Glen Pearson’s keynote address to CPJ’s 2015 Annual General Meeting in London, ON.​

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The 2000s: A Decade of Change

The turn of the millennium was accompanied by many other changes for CPJ and Canada. It saw new ideas about security. There were many different political scenes, including a minority government. Then there was the economic recession that shook the country. But it wasn’t all bad. The new millennium brought amazing new staff members and structural…

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AGM 2014: The State of Refugee Health: A Prognosis for Public Justice in Canada

Dr. Doug Gruner’s keynote address at CPJ’s 2014 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa.

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Will Postma addressing CPJ’s anniversary dinner in Toronto

Public Justice – Now, More than Ever!

by Will Postma

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​

​​For 50 years, Citizens for Public Justice has given voice and legs to my hopes and prayers for a more just Canada. I see CPJ as a little blue engine pulling a long train of carefully-considered policy recommendations over a mountain, undeterred by barriers of unjust legislation or misguided government priorities.

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Celebrating 50 Years and a New Book in Ottawa!

How fitting that CPJ celebrated our 50th anniversary of engaging faith, politics, and advocacy in Ottawa on November 1, All Saints’ Day! For half a century, CPJ members and supporters have pursued the inevitable connectedness between faithful Christian living and seeking justice in public policies. CPJ continues to “show up” and to “stand up” for…

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Trixie LIng giving a presentation during her internship with CPJ

Striving Toward Faith and Justice: 50th Anniversary Reflection

This is the sixth reflection posted in honour of CPJ’s 50th anniversary. 

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AGM 2013: Reaching for Right Relationships: CPJ at 50

John Olthuis delivered the keynote address as CPJ’s 2013 Annual General Meeting in our 50th anniversary year in Edmonton.

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Three Generations of CPJ: 50th Anniversary Reflection

This is the fifth online reflection posted in honour of CPJ’s 50th anniversary.

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Extraordinary Hope: 50th anniversary reflection

This is the fourth online reflection posted in honour of CPJ’s 50th anniversary.

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