Book Review: Neglected No More

The pandemic has revealed significant issues related to the ways that many seniors are cared for in our society. Much has been exposed regarding overworked and underpaid staff and the undignified conditions that are experienced in many institutionalized care settings across our country. André Picard in his book Neglected No More provides in-depth research on these longstanding yet urgent issues and explores how the intersections of ageism, sexism and racism leave many at an increased risk of being unable to access quality, dignified care that they need. Picard not only lays out the problem, but he also points us toward many possible solutions for improving access to quality care options that are required to meet the diverse needs of our current and future elders.

As a community social worker, I have seen many struggles that older adults face in their day-to-day lives as they strive to ‘age in place’ within their communities for as long as they’re able. What I appreciated most about this book are the many examples of policies around the world that encourage elder-friendly communities and promote quality, dignified care for seniors regardless of their socio-economic status. From increasing the time given for crosswalk signals, to increasing support for caregivers, Picard highlights many structural level changes that can help people live in their communities longer and reduce dependency on and time spent in institutionalized care. Included among these examples is the need for strengthening home care coordination, improving access to community supports, and increasing affordable, supportive housing options. I recommend this book to everyone as it highlights how we all have a role to play in improving the lives of Canada’s elders.

Neglected No More

By André Picard
Random House, 2021

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