Give it up for the Earth!

A faith-in-action campaign to encourage Canadian action for climate justice.

Give it up for the Earth! raises awareness about climate change and mobilizes people across Canada to reduce household greenhouse gas emissions and collect signatures as a demonstration of support for increased federal government action.

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Give it up for the Earth! runs from February 26 to April 9, 2020.

A complete suite of measures is needed to address the climate crisis and move towards decarbonization by 2050. At the heart of a good way forward is respect for Indigenous autonomy and consideration of people who have been traditionally marginalized and are particularly vulnerable in the climate crisis. Essential climate action measures include ending fossil fuel subsidies, strengthening carbon emissions pricing, and investing low-carbon infrastructure.

Drawing many of these issues together, the Give it up for the Earth! campaign calls on the federal government to invest in a National Just Transition and Decarbonization Strategy. We know that a modernized, diversified green economy will lead to major emissions reductions, create good, secure jobs, and promote the well-being of everyone in Canada.

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Churches, schools, religious orders, and ecumenical groups across Canada are set to Give it up for the Earth! this Lent. We hope that you will join us! Complete the form below to register your faith community.

Organizers (that’s you!), will receive:

Organizers are asked to publicize the campaign in their faith community, encourage dialogue about – and action to reduce – greenhouse gas emissions, and collect campaign postcards.

Early registration helps us ensure that we have all of the materials necessary to support your work! You will receive an email once all of the materials are ready for you. Les cartes postales et autres ressources sont aussi disponibles en français.

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