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Asylum funds allocated poorly, advocates say

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) also objects to the government’s new strategy because it “would further limit the welcoming nature they claim Canada is proud of.” “The use of language that suggests potential claimants are not genuine in their reasons for seeking asylum or that they pose a threat of exploitation to our system is...

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Christians Must Rise Up Against Islamophobia

Last week, New Zealand experienced a horrific terrorist attack targeting two mosques during Friday prayers. I, like many others, watched local news coverage of the massacre unfold on social media, distraught that others were watching these murders on a live stream. Emotions of anger, sadness, despair, and helplessness, all ran through my head. Sadly, however, the one feeling I never...

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Canada Says It’s Reached Record-Low Poverty. Experts Say There’s More to the Story.

Darlene O’Leary, socio-economic policy analyst for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), agrees that the current MBM provides somewhat of a distorted look at poverty in Canada. “The data is encouraging — however, it’s incomplete,” she told Global Citizen.

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Poverty fight a long way from over, activists warn

Too many people still live below the poverty line, said Darlene O’Leary, social policy analyst with Citizens for Public Justice. “There are still millions living in poverty,” said O’Leary, and the idea that we need to wait until 2030 to see dramatic results (a 50-per-cent reduction in poverty as per goals of the federal government’s poverty-reduction strategy released...

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How to start making change: An introduction to lobbying for the causes you care about

How to start making change: An introduction to lobbying for the causes you care about. Ottawa public policy organization Citizens for Public Justice says that letters and emails count the same, but that phone calls can be more influential.

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‘Beneficial discomfort’: Anglicans share their Lenten practices

Lenten discipline is not only for individuals; some parishes practice it as a community as well. In 2018, 11 Anglican churches in Canada, for example, took part in “Give it up for the Earth!”, a campaign that encourages participants to take measures reducing their contribution to climate change, and to call for changes to government policy, according...

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Join CPJ’s Board

Citizens for Public Justice is no longer accepting nominations to our Board of Directors. 

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Citizens for Public Justice Lenten campaign puts carbon on hit list

The Catholic Register The Ottawa-based ecumenical justice organization is getting that message out through its Give It Up For the Earth! campaign. The Lenten campaign encourages people to give up some of their personal and household greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the third year Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has run the campaign asking people to go beyond giving up...

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There is no “loophole” for refugees

Tune into Question Period in the House of Commons and you will periodically hear the words “close the loophole” being thrown around in heated debates concerning refugee claimants. It is a catchphrase used by some Members of Parliament to describe the changes they wish to see in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA). Its...

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The Right to Truly “Universal” Healthcare

People in Canada have long prided themselves on the country’s healthcare system. It’s a reflection of a belief in egalitarianism and compassion for one another. Yet, despite this pride, we know there are gaps in how healthcare is provided. Specifically, the system routinely fails the most vulnerable in society, as it does not currently contain...

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