Give it up for the Earth!

Give it up for the Earth!

A Lenten faith-in-action campaign to increase climate justice in Canada (watch video)

Organize a local ​Give it up for the Earth! event.

The Give it up for the Earth! campaign is centred on a postcard that includes:

  1. a pledge to individual climate action, and
  2. a call for more far-reaching national climate policy.

The aims of Give it up for the Earth! are to raise awareness about climate change, and collect signatures as a demonstration of support for increased federal government action. How you do this is up to you!

You may wish to incorporate Give it up for the Earth! into Sunday worship. Alternatively, you could plan a lunch hour community outreach event or come up with a completely different event idea. Any of these options can be complemented by profiling Give it up for the Earth! online, via websites, newsletters, and social media platforms. For move event ideas see the Give it up for the Earth! Organizing Guide.

Are you ready to Give it up for the Earth!?

Pledge to Give it up for the Earth

Give it up for the Earth! will signal to the government that Canadians – especially Canadian Christians – are prepared to make lifestyle changes in order to reduce our GHG emissions. And, that we want our government to match and exceed these actions with policy changes that will move us further and faster towards international climate change goals.

Of course, climate change will impact not only people of faith, but all of humanity – indeed all of creation. So, if you are a Christian, we encourage you to Give it up for the Earth! as part of your Lenten journey. Otherwise, we invite you to participate as a Canadian and global citizen. We can all Give it up for the Earth! by reducing our personal GHG emissions and calling on the federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to step up Canada’s climate action.

Organize a local Give it up for the Earth! event:

When you register your event, you will receive a Give it up for the Earth! package containing: campaign postcards (or pledge forms)*; campaign posters (11x17 PDF; 17x11 PDF); the Give it up for the Earth! Organizing GuideClimate Change as a Matter of Faith and Justice, a backgrounder on climate change and the Christian call to respond; Personal and Political Action to Address Climate Change, information about the actions/policies listed on the postcard; and a recycled cotton reusable CPJ tote bag as a thank you for your participation.

You will then have a six-week window (March 1–April 13, 2017) to hold public engagement events and collect signatures. Online options for promoting engagement via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will also be made available.

Completed postcards (and pledge forms) will be returned to CPJ for delivery to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, at a campaign closing event on/around Earth Day (April 22).

Thank you for your interest! We hope that parishes and congregations across Canada will participate in the Give it up for the Earth! campaign. For more information, please contact Asha Kerr-Wilson at 613-232-0275, x. 229.

*Give it up for the Earth! has been tremendously well-received. As a result, we will soon run out of campaign postcards. When that happens, we will send a petition-style pledge form that you can use to collect signatures to the campaign. Thanks!

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