Refugee Rights

CPJ works to educate the public — especially churches — on the ever-changing landscape of refugee legislation in Canada. Through research, policy monitoring, and publishing, we bring attention to the impact of legislative change on refugees and claimants, and on the groups who sponsor and support them to come to Canada.

Letter to Minister Mendicino: Improve Refugee Integration

CPJ and the CRC for Public Dialogue called on the IRCC minister to address several lingering concerns that would help refugees to fully integrate into Canadian society for the good of all.

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Show Love to the Stranger this Christmas

As Christmas approaches and we mull over its holy significance, it is important to remember that there are 71 million displaced persons of whom 26 million are refugees.

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The story behind the world’s first private refugee sponsorship program

Canadian churches have played important roles in the successive refugee crises of the post-war period.

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Barriers to Integration

“Barriers to Integration,” CPJ’s latest report, explores the socio-economic challenges and barriers that refugees face in integrating into Canadian society.

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A boy at a protest holding a card saying: "Vote to care about refugees"

Working Together for Refugee Rights

When it comes to refugee rights, we need a government that is transparent, that listens and cares, and that is cooperative with other parties.

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The Canadian Racial Reality

People of color and Indigenous peoples in Canada continue to face systematic racism. However, there has been a relative absence of any meaningful conversation about the issue during this election.

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Refugees shouldn’t have to pay to get to Canada

Refugees resettled in Canada are expected to cover the costs associated with transportation to their new home. To help them afford this, the federal government’s Immigration Loans Program provides the funds upfront, and then collects repayment over time once refugees have arrived in Canada.

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Farm workers in forum focus

An election forum on immigration drew a large crowd to the downtown Kelowna library on Saturday. The event was co-hosted by Amnesty International, KAIROS and Citizens for Public Justice.

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All candidates forum held in Kelowna

Ten federal candidates presented their policies to voters on Saturday in Kelowna. Jules Knox reports.

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Upholding Refugee Rights

Upholding Refugee Rights CPJ envisions a world in which individuals, societal institutions and governments all contribute to and benefit from the common good. We strive to bring about public justice and promote human rights. This framework is particularly imperative when working on issues that surround the treatment of refugees. All refugees are immigrants, but not…

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