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Statement for Refugee Rights Day 2020

COVID-19 has put the whole world in extraordinary circumstances. CPJ believes that we should maintain our commitment to the common good of protecting the rights of refugees and other vulnerable people.

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Canada Has a Moral Obligation to Accept Climate Migrants

Despite our small population, Canada has had an outsized impact on the climate crisis. Now we have a moral imperative to welcome those displaced by climate change.

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Canada Should Maintain Commitment to Refugee Rights Amid COVID-19: CPJ

We should remain committed to our obligation to protect the rights of refugees and other vulnerable people. Turning asylum seekers away at borders is counter to those rights and our international obligations. 

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For Refugees, Better Language Learning Means Better Integration

The Canadian Government can improve the integration of refugees and address their barriers to language training.

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Let’s help newcomers find work in Canada

Canada must improve its current labor market integration policies for newcomers in order to maintain its reputation as a welcoming multicultural country. 

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Letter to Minister Mendicino: Improve Refugee Integration

CPJ and the CRC for Public Dialogue called on the IRCC minister to address several lingering concerns that would help refugees to fully integrate into Canadian society for the good of all.

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Show Love to the Stranger this Christmas

As Christmas approaches and we mull over its holy significance, it is important to remember that there are 71 million displaced persons of whom 26 million are refugees.

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Barriers to Integration

“Barriers to Integration,” CPJ’s latest report, explores the socio-economic challenges and barriers that refugees face in integrating into Canadian society.

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A boy at a protest holding a card saying: "Vote to care about refugees"

Working Together for Refugee Rights

When it comes to refugee rights, we need a government that is transparent, that listens and cares, and that is cooperative with other parties.

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The Canadian Racial Reality

People of color and Indigenous peoples in Canada continue to face systematic racism. However, there has been a relative absence of any meaningful conversation about the issue during this election.

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