Totem pole in Jasper National Park on a blue sky

Book Review: Valley of the Birdtail

Read Ian Van Haren’s review of the book “Valley of the Birdtail,” which examines the historical disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the Birdtail River valley in Manitoba.

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Closeup fragment of oil painting of butterfly

The Power and Hope of Art in Advocacy

In the digital age, art serves as a powerful tool for social change beyond words and statistics. Making art requires patience and embodies a counter to urgency. Communal art projects foster collaboration and participation.

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Skyline of Edmonton downtown with Saskatchewan river, Alberta, Canada

From Where to Here

In the 2023 Fall Catalyst, Walter Neutel reflects on 60 years of CPJ and the history that made us the organization we are today. Walter discusses the Dutch immigrant community in Canada post-World War II, focusing on their formation of communities and Christian schools, and highlights the advocacy work of CLA and CJL, which later became CPJ.

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Close up shot of Afro-American females holding hands

International Development Week 2024: Joint Statement by Citizens for Public Justice, International Justice Mission Canada, and World Renew

For international development week CPJ joined International Justice Mission Canada and World Renew for a joint panel at Centennial College on February 6th, and Redeemer University on February 7th. The three organizations discussed how they work to center the agency of individuals and communities most impacted by injustice and inequality in their work.

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Old man hands holding young maple tree against spring green background. Ecology concept

An Offering of Hope

Natalie Appleyard discusses the need for hope, advocacy, and transformative policy changes to address poverty, especially among Indigenous peoples. She emphasizes the importance of embodying hope through action and collaboration to create systemic change.

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Reviving Foolish Hope

When hope is considered to be foolish, it opens the door for apathy and despair. Yet hope and confidence are partners. They are dual ingredients for an atmosphere of optimism and assurance. It is when skepticism seeps in that the feeling of hope begins to wane. Soon, doubt grows and overwhelms the ability to anticipate…

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A comparison of visions of the fossil fuels-polluted world and the world with clean renewable energy.

Canada’s Path to Climate Action Can and Must Deliver Economic Justice

Across the country, we are faced daily with the converging crises of global heating and widespread unaffordability. Sometimes, these crises are put at odds with one another. Many “environmentally friendly” products and choices are expensive and out of reach for those hit hardest by rising unaffordability. Similarly, policies intended to curb pollution and greenhouse gas…

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Smoke through the trees in forest fires

The Air We Breathe

What causes you to register concern? What are the necessary conditions to propel you to action? People of faith purport to be motivated by altruistic instincts, where a concern for the other initiates action. This truly is a shared value of faith. The teaching of Jesus instructs us to love others. Indeed, Scripture permeates with…

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New building under construction

CPJ & Faith Partners Stand Up for the Right to Housing

One of the ways CPJ is continuing our advocacy for the right to housing is by making a submission to the National Housing Council’s review of “the Financialization of Purpose-Built Rental Housing.”  The Federal Housing Advocate called for the review and will look at “the growing dominance of financial actors in the housing sector, which…

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Global Strike for Climate and march for climate justice in Toronto, Ontario.

Pre-Budget Submission – August 2023

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has presented its pre-budget submission for August 2023, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to human rights, sustainable development, and international climate obligations. Key recommendations include: Canada’s dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals is evident, with Prime Minister Trudeau’s role as Co-Chair of the SDG Advocates group. CPJ urges the federal government to…

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