Take Action: Climate Justice

As Canadians, we are part of the problem of climate change. As people of faith, we can be part of the solution. God calls us to love and care for all the Earth. To respond to the human and ecological devastation of climate change with love and justice.

CPJ is an active member of For the Love of Creation: a faith-based climate justice initiative that unites 35 national churches, Catholic religious orders, and faith-based organizations under a single banner.

The FLC faith-in-action campaign (that was set to run until October 4, 2021) has been put on hold due to the September 20 federal election. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to take action to reduce GHG emissions, engage in acts of solidarity with justice-seeking communities, and participate in the critical dialogue about Canada's role in addressing climate change. Educational events are being planned over the coming weeks and we are also looking forward to the United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26) taking plan in November.

If you would like to engage more deeply in the process, please consider applying to be a member of the COP 26 Virtual Ecumenical Delegation.

3 steps you can take towards climate justice:

  1. Register as an organizer for For the Love of Creation’s faith-in-action campaign, and bring the national campaign to your faith community and encourage individuals to take action..
  2. Reduce your GHG emissions using 9 ideas from CPJ as well as Greening Sacred Spaces and the Carbon Footprint calculator.
  3. CPJ has set up a online action in partnership with the CRC's Centre for Public Dialogue. Urge your MP to support increased climate ambition and clean energy policies! As an expression of love for God’s awesome creation, tell your MP that you, as a person of faith, want meaningful climate action – consistent with the principles of the Paris Agreement – to reduce GHG emissions and address climate change.
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