400 Students Gave it Up for the Earth

By Taya Lavictoire, Élise Laliberté

Last year, our school La Source, in Orleans, chose a few students to do a leadership project with the theme “Beyond the Borders of my Environment”. We had to partner with an organization to solve a problem in the world. We knew we wanted to help the environment because we knew our planet is in serious danger because of climate change.

Then, we learned about CPJ and the campaign that they were running during Lent called “Give it up for the Earth!”. We did more research on the organization and the campaign. It was perfect for us since it was bilingual and we go to a French school. Also, it is a Christian organization and our school is Catholic.

We met Karri Munn-Venn, and she gave us all the details about the campaign. She was very flexible and supportive from the start! She even gave us French postcards because she knew our project was going to be in French. Basically, the campaign was signing a postcard and writing down things that you will give up or do for the Earth to help prevent climate change from getting worse. Once CPJ collects all the postcards, they send them to the Minister of the Environment, MP Catherine  McKenna, hoping the government will give less money to companies who aren’t good for the Earth and give more money to ecological companies.

We invited all the students and teachers in our school to sign a postcard or to draw a picture of their commitment. We found it great that many children committed to walk or ride their bike more often, carpool or take the bus, to eat local food or to turn off the lights when they leave a room. All those little things that seem so insignificant can make a big difference for our planet’s health and future.

The day of the project fair, we presented our project and got the rest of the cards signed. In total, approximately 400 postcards were signed and brought to the Minister! Taya even got to accompany  CPJ and met the Minister. “Even though at the time, it seemed like I was just meeting a normal person, I look back on it, and realize that it was a huge opportunity and that I am so lucky to have met her!”, Taya affirmed.

Doors and opportunities have opened for us because of CPJ and most of importantly, we’ve done something good for the environment! Any little thing you can do that might have a minimal impact on climate change, DO IT! Don’t hesitate! We think that climate change is a real and big problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Think of it! If we do nothing, the Earth will be seriously damaged, to the point where humans might not be able to live! All of our natural resources that we take for granted will be gone!

We think that the campaign “Give it up for the Earth” is a wonderful way to participate in building a healthier planet. We are grateful for everyone that has encouraged us during this project like our teachers, our friends and our family.

Don’t forget that everybody on this planet can do something to help the Earth and to make the world a better place. If we all do something small, it won’t take much to make a big impact. Any little sign of affection and respect that you can give our planet will make a positive difference for our future. Let’s give it up for the Earth!

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