Christian Reformed Church Refugee Action

Action on Refugee Rights:

Many Christian Reformed parishes are Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs). For a full list of Christian Reformed churches across the country involved in refugee sponsorship, visit the Government of Canada’s website here.

The Christian Reformed Church of Canada is partnered with World Renew. Their work around refugee issues serve to:

  • Advocate for refugee rights in Canada and beyond
  • Resettle refugees
  • Support refugees through humanitarian response

Public Statements:

“For over a half a century the Christian Reformed Church has worked with and ministered among refugees. Read stories of CRC congregations and members welcoming, helping to resettle, and being blessed by refugees in our Welcoming Refugees project here.

We remember that just like the child Jesus and his parents, millions of men, women and children around the world must flee because of violence, racial tension, religious bigotry and natural disasters. And we remember that God has much to say about welcoming in the stranger. With this understanding, we engage in the hands-on work of resettling and befriending refugees in Canada and United States, but we also know that we must speak up on behalf of refugees to work for just policies.”

Resources Available: