Take Action: Poverty in Canada

CPJ co-leads Dignity for All: The campaign for a poverty-free Canada, a non-partisan initiative calling for a federal anti-poverty strategy. In August 2018, the federal government released Opportunity for All, Canada's first national poverty reduction strategy. While this was a significant win for CPJ and Dignity for All, more work is required to strengthen this new strategy.

Join CPJ as we work towards critical legislative changes that will end poverty in Canada.

3 steps you can take to move Canada towards ending poverty:

  1. Sign-on as an individual or organization to Dignity for All: The campaign for a poverty-free Canada, co-led by Citizens for Public Justice and Canada Without Poverty. More than 12,000 Canadians, politicians, and organizations have endorsed this campaign calling for a federal poverty elimination plan. (You can also encourage your MP to sign-on!)
  2. Join CPJ and Dignity for All on October 17 for Chew on This! People from across Canada gather in their communities for an annual event to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
  3. Share our 2020 Chew on This! Check-in letter with your MP. Our letter highlights some of the encouraging actions that have been taken to support people during the COVID-19 pandemic; calls for these positive steps to be extended into long-term solutions; and identifies critical gaps that need to be addressed.