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For the Love of Creation

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Canadian churches and faith-based organizations are coming together on a journey of dialogue, advocacy, and action on the issue of climate change. You are invited to journey with us.

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Carbon-neutral Cities in Canada

A major priority for Canadian action on climate change needs to focus on cities. Successful international examples offer Canada a road map for moving towards carbon neutrality and resource efficiency. We can look to Copenhagen as they rapidly approach their target of becoming the first carbon-neutral city in the world by 2025.

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Lent and Discipleship in the Era of Climate Crisis

Personal actions matter because they help build discipline and habits. But it’s important to pair personal lifestyle changes and acts of discipleship with bold action in public life.

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CPJ calls on PM Trudeau to Invest in Workers

As Canada navigates the tremendous challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, CPJ believes that investments in a just transition are more important than ever.

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Labour, Civil Society Groups Call for Climate Budget

CPJ joined representatives ​from labour, social justice, Indigenous, faith and environmental organizations today to call on the Government of Canada to greatly increase ​the funds and programs needed to build a sustainable economy and drastically cut emissions.

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Christians mark Lent by “Giving it up for the Earth”

People of faith across Canada commit to reduce their personal emissions and call for accelerated climate action.

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Video: How the climate crisis impacts food security

This infographic video explores how our changing climate adversely impacts food security around the world.

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CPJ’s New Year’s Resolution for Climate Justice

As people of faith, we are called to love, and advocate for, all of God’s glorious creation.

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Loving our Neighbours and COP25

This week, I have heard pastors and church leaders from small island developing countries share as they navigate theologically through a world of rapidly changing climate.

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What does an inclusive just transition look like?

For many, a just transition is a way forward, but some of our thinking has left out the most marginalized voices in Canadian society.

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