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Dignity for All speaks to Senate Committee on Poverty Reduction Act

Over the past few weeks, Dignity for All co-leads, Canada Without Poverty (CWP) and Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), had the opportunity to present as witnesses to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA), and the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, regarding key poverty legislation.

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Canada backpedals on refugee rights with latest Budget Implementation Act

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) condemns the new changes to Canada’s refugee determination system outlined in Bill C-97, the Budget Implementation Act. CPJ stands alongside the Canadian Council for Refugees and other advocates who have expressed concern on these amendments.

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Poverty Reduction Act a significant step forward in Budget Bill

The Dignity for All Campaign and Campaign 2000 welcome critical federal action on poverty in the 2019 Budget Implementation Act.

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Press Release: Pre-election Budget postpones needed policy changes

Budget 2019 presents important aspirations but lacks prompt implementation  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Ottawa, ON: March 19, 2019 — While Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) notes that Budget 2019 contains many important policy pitches, delayed spending timelines mean that many pressing issues will not receive needed action.  With its emphasis on gender equality, deepening efforts towards reconciliation, and notable shifts towards a cleaner economy, the budget...

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Budget 2019 presents big ideas but lacks action

Budget 2019 presents important aspirations but lacks prompt implementation  With their last federal Budget ahead of the 2019 election, the Federal government has laid out some important policy pitches. Yet delayed timelines mean pressing issues will not receive needed action.  If this budget had been released in 2016, it would have represented some huge steps forward. With its emphasis on gender equality, deepening efforts towards reconciliation, and notable shifts...

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Fall economic update too "middle" minded

Fall economic update too “middle” minded


Ottawa, ON: November 22, 2018 – Write-offs for business in the name of boosting Canada’s middle-class formed the focus of the Liberal government’s latest fall economic statement.

Missing, however, was any mention of Canada’s new poverty reduction strategy, support for refugees, or investments to keep global temperature increases below 1.5 C.

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The Federal Budget Should Prioritize People’s Well-Being

At budget time over the last few years, we’ve seen a narrowing of the federal government’s focus on economic measures in a way that fails to adequately address the well-being of people, communities and the Earth. CPJ believes that Budget 2019 should prioritize measures to address poverty in Canada, remove barriers to refugee resettlement, and support a “just...

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Summer bikes

All together now:

How inclusion and sustainability promote Canadian well-being Budget 2019 Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance August 2018Download the brief (PDF) Ground-breaking research by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, conducted over 30 years and published in the 2009 book, The Spirit Level, unpacks some widely-held beliefs to reveal the tremendous socio-economic benefits of addressing inequality...

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All together now – references

References: CPJ Submission Pre-Budget Consultation 2018 Page 1: Citizens for Public Justice: cpj.ca global compact on refugees: www.unhcr.org/towards-a-global-compact-on-refugees.html poverty reduction: cpj.ca/flourishing-together climate change: cpj.ca/fossil-fuel-subsidies-dont-belong-our-climate-policy refugee rights: cpj.ca/letter-canada-should-fully-waive-travel-loans-refugees 4.8 million people in Canada live in poverty: CPJ’s Poverty Trends report 2017; cpj.ca/sites/default/files/docs/files/PovertyTrendsReport2017.pdf $72 and $86 billion annually: Ontario Association of Food Banks, The Cost of Poverty,...

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Canada’s gender-based budget falls short, Christian think tanks say

The Liberal government, which tabled Canada’s first gender-based budget Feb. 27, received mixed reviews from think tanks devoted to Christian social teaching. While Citizens for Public Justice applauded the budget’s female focus as a “step forward,” CPJ’s executive director Joe Gunn said the “ambition wasn’t huge in this case.” “There are many more things the government...

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