Our History

Our history includes many people of different backgrounds coming together to speak with one voice. Explore our history and join us as we move forward in the next chapter of CPJ.

50th Anniversary Reflector: Murray MacAdam

Murray MacAdam, a former Catalyst editor, contributes our third 50th anniversary reflection. Some of the highlights from his time at CPJ include negotiating a major compensation agreement with the Grassy Narrows band in northwestern Ontario and an interview with the late Ted Scott, one of Canada’s leading Christian social justice advocates. 

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Crisis to Opportunity: 50th Anniversary Reflection

Kathy Vandergrift, our second 50th anniversary reflector, writes about how CPJ’s commitment to care for creation led to a strong role in introducing recycling to Edmonton in the late 1980s.

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50th Anniversary Reflector: Harry Kits

Harry was the first reflector in CPJ’s 50th anniversary year. Some satisfying legacies of his time as Executive Director were moving the office to Ottawa and creating year-long public justice internships.

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2013: 50 years of work for public justice!

In 2013 we celebrated CPJ’s 50th anniversary: a time to share and honour all the ways CPJ inspired and transformed public policy in Canada, to learn more about people whose courage and insight have led to lasting change, and to lift up visions for the future. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this celebration!

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AGM 2012: A Call to Speak Truth to Power

Sheila Regehr, former executive director of the National Council of Welfare speaks as CPJ’s 2012 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. 

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Gerald Vandezande: How did his life’s work inspire us?

“Mr. Speaker,

I rise today to place into our national record my commendation of a very extraordinary Canadian; a man who was not only a champion of justice, a voice for the voiceless, and a man deep and compelling faith, but a mentor and cherished friend. His name was Gerald Vandezande.”

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Gerrit de Boer, Gerald’s brother-in-law

It has not been easy for Gerry in the last years. Sometimes in conversation he would tap the side of his head to get that thought out. But even with that, Gerald was still phoning politicians, involved with social advocacy groups, helping family. Gerald was driven by His God, driven by social responsibility. But social...

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AGM 2011: Living Faithfully in a Rapidly Changing World

Bob Goudzwaard, spoke at CPJ’s 2011 Annual General Meeting in Toronto.

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Taking up the mantle – CPJ gives thanks

In this 45th anniversary year, we look back with thankfulness to the many different people who helped lay the foundations for CPJ and public justice in Canada. From the founding members to our new supporters, CPJ has been blessed with many dedicated, strong voices for justice.

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CPJ in Ottawa: Making Public Justice Front and Centre

“I see CPJ’s role as bringing a very strong justice perspective to policy discussion, engaging seriously with government debates, and presenting doable policy alternatives.”

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