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February 26 - April 9, 2020

Social Exclusion Among Refugees in Canada

Living in the Gap: A Snapshot of Precarity in Canada

A series of infographics showing how people struggle to make ends meet.

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Canada’s ‘Immigration Holding Centres’ Could Be a Dangerous Hot Spot During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Stephen Kaduuli, a refugee rights analyst with CPJ, said that detainees “feel like sitting ducks.”


When Justice and Faith Meet

Many young adults have felt the absence of justice seeking in their faith expression experience. Can we recognize the voice of Jesus in the young adult lament that is yearning for more active justice seeking within their faith expression?


Lent and Discipleship in the Era of Climate Crisis

Personal actions matter because they help build discipline and habits. But it’s important to pair personal lifestyle changes and acts of discipleship with bold action in public life.


Canada Has a Moral Obligation to Accept Climate Migrants

Despite our small population, Canada has had an outsized impact on the climate crisis. Now we have a moral imperative to welcome those displaced by climate change.


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