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We’re Still Waiting For Action On Poverty In Canada

The Huffington Post

What does poverty look like in Canada in 2017?

Ask yourself what images immediately come to mind when you consider who is poor in Canada today. Perhaps for many of us, the urban poor, sleeping homeless on the streets of major cities, come immediately to mind. But if you take a few minutes to read the Poverty Trends 2017 report, you may find a few surprises.


People With Disabilities in Poverty Trap, Says Report

The Tyee

Canada is continuing to leave people with disabilities in poverty, says a report released Thursday by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ). The faith-based organization’s annual report on poverty trends shows people with disabilities are more likely to be living in poverty than other Canadians.

More working adults are joining the ranks of the impoverished, the report found.


From Every Nation: A Revelation 7:9 Vision

Do Justice

In today’s political and social climate, differences are often viewed as risks. Those that seek asylum become security threats warranting suspicion. People who speak a different language, or come from a different country, are seen as “other”. In the process, values like hospitality and kindness can be choked out, as concerns over the integrity of borders or scarce employment take centre stage. We can be tempted to feel that diversity compromises our safety or in some way impedes our ability to thrive.


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