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Global Compact for Migration Consistent with Canadian Values

The Global Compact for Migration represents an opportunity for Canada to share best practices, learn from the experiences of others, and highlight areas where we can provide support. To suggest that Canada should steer away from its well-developed international reputation and dismiss such multilateral frameworks is reckless and irresponsible.


Journeys to Justice: Reflections on Canadian Christian Activism by Joe Gunn

The Banner

How should churches deal with politics? Christian Reformed members are no strangers to this incandescent question. Many promote public justice as individuals but oppose any institutional church activism. Others believe the denomination should “advocate” but not “lobby” for social justice—but the distinction is not always clear.


The Vulnerable Voices

One of the astounding things about the Bible is the way that it repeatedly gives voice to those whose stories are normally ignored, the marginalized. These are the stories our culture would like to keep hidden. They are the stories of those suffering from economic oppression (the slaves), violence (the women), exclusion (the stranger) and land loss (Indigenous peoples). But these stories are also about those who dare to name the pain, and so dare to hope for God’s newness. When we hear their voices, we too can glimpse the kingdom. 


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