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February 26 - April 9, 2020

Social Exclusion Among Refugees in Canada

A new book from
Citizens for Public Justice!

Living in the Gap: A Snapshot of Precarity in Canada

A series of infographics showing how people struggle to make ends meet.

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Letter to Minister Mendicino: Improve Refugee Integration

CPJ and the CRC for Public Dialogue called on the IRCC minister to address several lingering concerns that would help refugees to fully integrate into Canadian society for the good of all.


CPJ’s New Year’s Resolution for Climate Justice

As people of faith, we are called to love, and advocate for, all of God’s glorious creation.


The 2010s: A Decade of Growth and Focus

As the decade draws to a close, CPJ reflects on 10 years of faithful advocacy on poverty eradication, ecological justice, and refugee rights.


StatsCan looking to redefine poverty line

CPJ’s Natalie Appleyard spoke to Global News about StatsCan’s forthcoming updates to Canada’s measure of poverty.


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