An Intersectional Approach to Refugee Policy & Advocacy

A new book from
Citizens for Public Justice!

Living in the Gap: A Snapshot of Precarity in Canada

A series of infographics showing how people struggle to make ends meet.

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Election exposes some deep divisions

“What we will be seeing is that the parties are going to be forced to work together and there will be a need for more dialogue and more public involvement in making decisions,” said Natalie Appleyard, a socio-economic policy analyst with CPJ.


CPJ seeks hope, unity after divisive 2019 election

CPJ believes that there is a special role for faith communities in the task of helping to build unity.


Can Canadians Thrive While We Stand Up for the Environment?

Canada needs to transition to a clean economy — and we need to make sure we do this right. We can, and must, do this by pursuing a just transition.


The Canadian Racial Reality

People of color and Indigenous peoples in Canada continue to face systematic racism. However, there has been a relative absence of any meaningful conversation about the issue during this election.


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