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An Ice Road to Reconciliation

From the Catalyst, Spring 2017

Climate change affects the lives, lands, and cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples more directly and dramatically than most Canadians. But many communities in the more isolated and northern regions go unseen and unheard. Climate justice is a part of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

One road to get us there may well be made of ice and serve a small Ojibway Nation in northwestern Ontario.


Giving it up for the Earth! from Coast to Coast to Coast

Over the last six weeks, throughout the season of Lent, Christians across Canada have spoken up for climate justice. A faith-in-action campaign, Give it up for the Earth! supported Canadian Christians in raising awareness about climate change in their communities, and taking personal action as a demonstration of support for stronger and more urgent climate action from the federal government. 


Canada's Flawed Refugee System Gives New Arrivals A Half Welcome

The Huffington Post

Canadians can be proud that our country facilitated the entry of so many Syrian refugees in 2015-2016. Yet, there is no reason to assume that the system is perfect or perfectly fair. An engaged society and culture can continue to improve our capacity to assist vulnerable asylum-seekers. 

Given the massive human need we are invited to confront, this CPJ study recommends useful avenues for communities seeking to better collaborate in the government's responsibilities to receive and successfully settle asylum-seekers in Canada.


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