Policy Statements: Democratic Reform

Participating in Democracy

Wondering how you can work towards a more representative democracy in Canada? Read more from CPJ’s 2019 federal election guide on democratic participation.

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Faith in Our Vote

A Public Justice Case for Proportional Representation 

Submission to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform

October 2016

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CPJ recommends that the Canadian government adopt a system of mixed-member proportional representation (PR) that is effective, legitimate, engaging, accessible, inclusive, and representative.

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CPJ’s backgrounder & position paper on Electoral Reform

CPJ has long advocated for electoral reform, engaging with the electoral system and its implications for politics from the very beginning of its work. CPJ believes that introducing proportional representation to our electoral system would make it fairer for the representation of views, respecting the reality of pluralism.

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Submission to the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform

Fair, Proportional, Effective: The Need for Electoral Reform in Ontario

January 31, 2007.

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CPJ for proportional representation

CPJ Submission to Public Consultation on Electoral Reform

May 2003
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CPJ has a longstanding belief that our current “first past the post” system of political representation is fundamentally flawed and should be replaced by a proportional representation model. 

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