Calling Your MP

A quick phone call to your Member of Parliament’s office can be more effective than writing a letter in some cases. As a constituent, you may be able to speak to your MP directly (rather than speaking with their staff). One phone call can be more effective and memorable for an MP if you show that have some knowledge about the issue, that you respect their time, and that this issue is important to their constituents.

Speaking to a member of the MP’s staff can also be very effective. They will have the time to hear your position and they will be able to relay your concerns to the MP.

On the Phone

  • Introduce yourself and identify yourself as a constituent by providing your
    postal code or address.
  • Ask to speak to the MP directly, but do not be surprised if you must speak to the MP’s
    staff instead. Staff can help move your issue forward.
  • Give the reason for your call and explain your concern.
  • Focus on one or two main concerns per phone call. Do not unload on the MP or their staff with all of your political concerns at one time.
  • Ask clear and pointed questions that require some explanation.
  • Ask for a commitment to action.
Keep in Mind: Tips for Calling MPs.

  • Tell the MP that this issue will matter to you in the next election.
  • Avoid revealing party affiliation or sympathies. If you show that your vote is already cast
    for a certain party, the MP may not have the incentive to respond to your requests.
  • Be as brief as possible while outlining concerns.  Show that you respect their time.
  • Remain calm and respectful in dialogue. Be willing to work with them.
  • Follow up: Find out what actions were taken as a result of your call, and respond appropriately.
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