Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national, progressive organization of members who are inspired by faith to act for social and environmental justice in Canadian public policy. Our work focuses on three key policy areas: poverty in Canada, climate justice, and refugee rights. For more than 50 years, justice-oriented people of faith, along with churches and religious orders, have joined their voices as Citizens for Public Justice. Together, we’re working towards a better Canada.

Help us to be a hope-filled presence in Canadian public affairs by joining your voice to ours.

CPJ defines public justice as the political dimension of loving your neighbour, caring for creation, and achieving the common good. We work to keep public justice front and centre in public policy debates.

Our work focuses on three key policy areas:

Poverty in Canada

CPJ works to advance federal policy measures that will reduce poverty, including measures on income security, affordable housing, childcare, progressive taxation, and jobs and training. We specialize in providing timely political analysis on these issues, and our research is often referenced in the media and is well-used by groups at both the national and community level.

We regularly meet with parliamentarians to provide input on poverty-related legislation. CPJ often works specifically with churches and denominational groups to help them take action on poverty.

Climate Justice

CPJ plays a crucial role in urging the governments in Canada to adopt better climate change policy. Through research, analysis, partnerships, and government engagement, we raise awareness about the urgent need for action. We often work with church and denominational groups to help them better engage in advocacy on climate justice.

CPJ provides timely political analysis that is often referenced in the media and utilized by community groups across Canada.

Refugee Rights

CPJ works to educate the public — especially churches — on the ever-changing landscape of refugee legislation in Canada. Through research, policy monitoring, and publishing, we bring attention to the impact of legislative change on refugees and claimants, and on the groups who sponsor and support them to come to Canada.

We speak out against policies that disregard the rights and pre-migration experiences of refugees and newcomers to Canada. We also engage with parliamentarians to bring a public justice and human rights framework to the issues.