CPJ seeks hope, unity after divisive 2019 election

By Citizens for Public Justice


 Unceded Algonquin Territory [Ottawa, ON]: October 22, 2019 — The results of the 2019 federal election show a clear divide across Canada. Whether we are looking at our response to the climate crisis, systemic racism, or the ability of people in Canada to make ends meet, there is a deep need for unity right now.

Minority governments bring uncertainty. But, they also provide an opportunity for citizens to have our voices heard. This minority government will need to cooperate in order to legislate. And this cooperation has the potential to make for better policy that brings us together.

CPJ believes that there is a special role for faith communities in the task of helping to build unity.

“Communities of faith are in the business of hope,” says Willard Metzger, CPJ’s executive director. “As we look for authentic signs of hope, people of faith have opportunities to move the conversation forward with humility.”

CPJ members have been active throughout this election campaign, talking to candidates about poverty in Canada, climate justice, and refugee rights. We distributed over 10,000 copies of our 2019 Election Bulletin. And hundreds came out to our Fall Election Tour events in 12 cities across Canada.

Moving forward, CPJ is committed to seeking hopeful solutions to the challenges Canadians face and sharing these with decision-makers. As this new parliament prepares to take office, CPJ looks forward to working with newly elected MPs from all parties to:

  • enhance cooperation to address the climate crisis and ensure a just transition.
  • address systemic racism in Canada and the barriers faced by the most vulnerable refugees coming here.
  • reduce economic and social inequality so that Canada’s meets our commitment to end poverty in Canada by 2030.


For more information, contact Brad Wassink at ac.jpc@darb or 613-232-0275 x. 225.

About Citizens for Public Justice
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) is a national organization of members inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy. CPJ analyzes key issues of Canadian public life and, through in-depth research, develops alternative policy options based on our mission, core values and public justice framing. We present these alternatives to citizens and decision makers in a wide variety of forms. For more than 50 years, Canadian Christians, churches, and religious orders have joined their voices as CPJ.


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