Engaging Younger Generations

Younger generations should be seen and heard. In fact, they are citizens with rights and responsibilities in Canada, and their unique perspectives should be considered.

The question is: How can younger generations engage in advocacy?

Including the younger generations in advocacy requires responsible discretion, but excluding them from all advocacy activities is not the answer. Empowering them to exercise their rights and responsibilities means creating spaces where they can voice their own concerns and recommendations to decision-makers. This includes advocating on behalf of themselves and on behalf of others.

Advantages of Involving the Younger Generations in Advocacy

  • Increases dignity, fairness, and equality for children and youth.
  • Adds a new perspective that adults may not have.
  • Gives young people ownership of future solutions.
  • Increases acceptance of young people as active citizens.
  • Allows youth to express themselves as members of society.
  • Inspires adults to take action.
  • Young people will learn new skills and gain confidence
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