Indigenous Justice

CPJ has listened to our Indigenous sisters and brothers, and wishes to reiterate our steadfast intent to engage in reconciliation. We understand that engaging in true reconciliation must be an on-going process to transform Canadian values, social relations and even the dominant economic drivers. CPJ accepts this challenge.

In 2016, we undertook a study of all our program areas with a view to discerning how our work might more fully resound with the recommendations of the TRC, in the framework of the UNDRIP, and how our current efforts could enhance reconciliation efforts underway throughout Canadian society – especially among people of faith.

As people who believe in covenant relationships, we hold this promise to Indigenous Canadians as a sacred and on-going pledge.

Statement from CPJ on TRC Calls to Action

March 2016
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In June of 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) released 94 Calls to Action to guide us towards a repaired relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and a more just and equitable future. CPJ has released a statement in response to the TRC’s Call to Action #48 and has also endorsed the KAIROS Education for Reconciliation campaign in support of the TRC’s Call to Action #62.i.

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The Living Relationship Between the People and the Land

The Earth is Our Mother

From The Catalyst, Spring 2016
by Michelle Nieviadomy

The earth provides everything we need: food, water, clothing, and shelter. For Indigenous peoples, she provides cultural and spiritual fulfillment as well. The earth is our source, not a resource.

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The Comeback

Book Review: The Comeback: How Aboriginals Are Reclaiming Power and Influence by John Ralston Saul

From The Catalyst, Summer 2015

The Comeback: How Aboriginals Are Reclaiming Power and Influence
By John Ralston Saul

Penguin Books, 2014

Reviewed by Michelle Nieviadomy

​The Comeback is a timely book that captures an uncensored narrative of the current status of our nation. It depicts the relationship between Indigenous people and Canada. Saul brings to light numerous historical accounts framing the current reality of Indigenous people. While this reality is one of injustice and struggle, he sheds equal light on the remarkable stories of countless Indigenous people who characterize the strength, resiliency, courage, and gifts they bring to this nation.

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Reconciliation is Sacred Work

From The Catalyst Spring 2015

Canadians might not know it, but we’ve been deprived of the good contributions that Indigenous people could have been bringing to our collective lives.

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Huge Implications for Supreme Court’s Tsilhquot’in Nation Ruling

The land must not be sold permanently, for the land is mine and you are but aliens and my tenants. Leviticus 25:23 A late June ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada is causing shock waves among those who espouse an out-dated vision of how the Canadian economy should produce wealth. According to the highest…

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Truth and Reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples

“You shall be called the repairer of the breach…” – Isaiah 58:12 In over 20 situations across the planet, truth commissions of various sorts have attempted to overcome past injustices. Most often, the process begins with telling a fuller story of what really happened (the truth), as histories are often written by the winners in…

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Living as covenant people

A Christian response to Idle No More 

A reflection on what we can learn from Theresa Spence and the Idle No More movement about living faithfully together as “treaty people” in a covenant relationship.

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CPJ participating in solidarity fast with Theresa Spence

CPJ staff will be participating, with KAIROS Canada and many other Canadians committed to faith and justice, in a one-day solidarity fast with Chief Theresa Spence this week.

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Dreaming of a Canada for All Kids

Imagine a Canada where all kids have access to adequate housing, clean water, a good education, and the opportunity to be the best they can be, regardless of their background. It’s a dream aboriginal children’s advocates are bringing to the forefront by highlighting the extreme inequities First Nations children experience in Canada. CPJ is shedding its own light on the issue through a recently launched video contest. It’s time for Canadians to look at life in Canada through the lens of a First Nations child.

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The Effects of Poverty in Canada’s North

This is the second part in a series exploring climate change, poverty, how the two are related, and their impacts on Canadian Inuit. The first part explored the major impacts of climate change in Canada’s North, both on the environment and on the Inuit living there. This installment examines how poverty affects the Inuit.

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