Indigenous Justice

CPJ has listened to our Indigenous sisters and brothers, and wishes to reiterate our steadfast intent to engage in reconciliation. We understand that engaging in true reconciliation must be an on-going process to transform Canadian values, social relations and even the dominant economic drivers. CPJ accepts this challenge. In 2016, we undertook a study of all our program areas with a view to discerning how our work might more fully resound with the recommendations of the TRC, in the framework of the UNDRIP, and how our current efforts could enhance reconciliation efforts underway throughout Canadian society – especially among people of faith. As people who believe in covenant relationships, we hold this promise to Indigenous Canadians as a sacred and on-going pledge.

NATION TO NATION: Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada

The new updated version of a 1992 edition. It includes 18 new articles and updates to 10 first-edition articles. Nearly 3,000 copies sold!

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Parliament of Canada

Walking with Elizabeth Penashue

An Innu elder goes to the land and tells her story on the way.

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