Pre-Budget Submission – August 2023

By Citizens for Public Justice

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has presented its pre-budget submission for August 2023, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to human rights, sustainable development, and international climate obligations. Key recommendations include:

  1. Add rights-based conditions to the Canada Social Transfer.
  2. Implement a wealth tax & restore corporate income tax rates.
  3. Curb the financialization of housing through investments & regulatory controls.
  4. Immediately implement CERB repayment amnesty for people with low-income.
  5. Adequately fund the Canada Disability Benefit in 2023 to lift people with disabilities out of poverty.
  6. Expand eligibility and enhance the adequacy of the Canada Child Benefit.
  7. Allocate more funding towards access to healthcare for refugees and migrants.
  8. Provide more funding for shelter and affordable housing for refugees and migrants.
  9. Reallocate funds from immigration detention, towards community-based alternatives to detention.
  10. End all forms of public subsidies for all fossil fuel companies.
  11. Provide funding in the amount of two billion dollars for the “Futures Fund” program.
  12. Invest more in climate adaptation and mitigation measures internationally.

Canada’s dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals is evident, with Prime Minister Trudeau’s role as Co-Chair of the SDG Advocates group. CPJ urges the federal government to prioritize investments that align with human rights obligations, treaty agreements, and climate commitments. The focus is on creating a just, inclusive, and sustainable society, ensuring every community’s right to thrive.


1 thought on “Pre-Budget Submission – August 2023”

  1. In addition to the recommendation to “Adequately fund the Canada Disability Benefit in 2023 to lift people with disabilities out of poverty.”, I suggest that CPJ recommend increasing the maximum lifetime contribution to a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) from $200,000 to $300,000. The maximum lifetime contribution has remained at $200,000 since RDSP’s inception on December 1, 2008. From then until January 1, 2023, the cumulative inflation has been about 35%. On the basis of this inflation, the limit should increase to $270,000. However, I suggest $300,000 since the maximum will likely not be increased again for many years, the recent high rate of inflation is expected to continue, and the cost of housing has increased faster than the Consumer Price Index. While providing an adequate income to enable persons with disabilities to have a reasonable standard of living is very important for justice and fairness, protecting the savings of these persons is also important.


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