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Is your church Living Ecological Justice?

From The Catalyst Winter 2014

Facing the Challenge

“Lent is for searching,” said Father Wesley in one of his homilies. What is better than a book study?

But which book?

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Gustavo Gutierrez

Mining meets theology in action

Originally published in Embassy News.  Every day in northern Brazil, 12 long trains filled with minerals leave the largest iron ore mine in the world. Estimates put the worth of each train’s cargo at tens of millions of dollars, while the dilapidated houses on the side of the tracks are home to families who somehow survive on…

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Climate March

Religious Momentum to Resolve the Climate Crisis?

After the People’s Climate March, the Climate Summit, and the growing interest in Canadian worship communities for action, we can all participate in this growing momentum for creation care and advocacy

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Climate Change Infographic

Infographic: Living Faithfully into a New Climate

CPJ’s infographic on the global climate change crisis and the need for action in Canada.

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Letter: Canada at the 2014 UN Climate Summit

August 2014
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One month ahead of the 2014 Climate Summit, CPJ wrote to Prime Minster Stephen Harper asking him to attend the summit and present new ideas that will effectively tackle climate change, such as promised regulations on the oil and gas sector or Canada’s contribution of $400 million annually to the UN’s Green Climate Fund​

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Oil Rig

Oil and Gas Regulations: Fulfilling a Promise

By enacting strict GHG emissions standards across the entire oil and gas sector, our federal government can both fulfill its promises and care for the environment.

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St. Peter's

St. Peter’s Ottawa is Caring for Creation

Originally published in Canada Lutheran – July/August 2014 How do we restore our covenantal relationship with God and creation? This was the question put to a gathering of parishioners in the fellowship hall at St. Peter’s Lutheran, Ottawa, on a Sunday morning late in February. Seminarian (and St. Peter’s intern) JoAnne Lam had just preached…

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Living Ecological Justice: Reconnecting with the Soils that Sustain Us

“We need to … reflect on ‘our daily bread,’ given to us each day, and think about our relationship, not only with food, but with each other, with creation, and with the Creator.” – Wayne Groot, Living Ecological Justice, p. 33. Eating locally and knowing where our food originates is one of the ways Wayne…

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Book Review: How the World’s Religions Are Responding to Climate Change

From The Catalyst Summer 2014

How the World’s Religions Are Responding to Climate Change

Edited by Robin Globus Veldman, Andrew Szasz, and Randolph Haluza- DeLay

Routledge, 2013

Reviewed by Ben Pasha

The issue of climate change has been a significant subject of alarm for many individuals. This has typically been a concern for those involved in the physical sciences. However, climate change has now grabbed the attention of different faith communities as well, due to the role ecological issues play in societal challenges like poverty and health care.

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March for Hope

Defiance, Not Compliance: Turning the Other Cheek

Jesus’ instruction to turn the other cheek is a challenge to resist systems of domination and oppression without the use of violence.

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