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Faith Communities in Canada Speak Out

On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada

September 2015

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In conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development summit, Canadian faith leaders have called for climate justice in Canada—for all Canadians, and for the world. “On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada” addresses ecological justice, poverty in Canada, and Indigenous rights.

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Divestment and Election 2015

Divestment and Election 2015

The movement to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy and climate solutions has exploded, growing fifty-fold in the past year. To date, 430 institutions and 2,040 individuals across 43 countries and representing $2.6 trillion in assets have committed to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Faith communities cannot, in good conscience, be strong advocates for addressing climate change while continuing to profit from fossil fuel companies.

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Introducing “Prayers for COP21 in Paris”

For God so loved the world. Throughout the creation story we hear of God’s pleasure at what has been created. Light, water, living creatures, and human kind. God looked at it all and declared “it is good.”

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As Pope Francis’ addresses the United Nations this morning, his message is already having an impact in Canada.

Press Release: Faith Communities in Canada Speak Out

On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, ON: September 25, 2015 – As Pope Francis addresses the United Nations this morning, his message is already having an impact in Canada. Today, an inter-faith declaration, “On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty in Canada: Faith Communities in Canada Speak Out” was released by…

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Degrees of Justice: understanding the need for climate change mitigation in Canada

Degrees of Justice

The climate we experience results from complex chemical, physical, and biological processes that interact with complicated social and political structures. As creatures and citizens of both ecological and political societies, our impact extends to all organisms with whom we share the safe harbor of Earth’s climate.

Climate change is a tragically urgent public justice issue that requires immediate action.

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Changing the Climate Debate

From The Catalyst, Summer 2015

There was a time not too long ago that climate change was a bit of a fringe issue. No more. It has moved into the mainstream. The terrain has shifted. Climate justice is no longer simply the purview of environmentalism and social justice.

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Can the Pope’s letter create a “tipping point” on climate change?

Reposted from The Huffington Post. Watch Joe Gunn respond to the encyclical on CBC News. When climate scientists refer to “tipping points” it is usually bad news – a moment beyond which elevated levels of greenhouse gas emissions will result in extreme weather and catastrophic damage to life upon this planet. Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment,…

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Alberta Legislature

Alberta Election 2015 – No Longer Either-Or

The Economy, the Environment, and Societal Well-Being As faithful citizens we are encouraged to seek out, debate and promote policies and practices which reflect God’s call for love, justice, and the flourishing of Creation. Elections offer an important moment to reflect on the policy options before us. As Christians, we are urged to think beyond ourselves…

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Budget 2015 Chooses to Overlook Climate Change and Poverty

Budget 2015 ignores the 4.8 million Canadians who live in poverty. And with major climate negotiations coming later this year, it ignores the climate crisis that future generations will have to deal with. It ignores the tens of thousands of vulnerable refugees who come to Canada looking for a better life.

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Take Action: Ecological Justice

In QC for Climate Action

From April 11-14, climate change took centre stage in Québec City. I was pleased to be there representing CPJ at the #ActOnClimate march, the #ActOnClimate forum, and the Green Church conference that coincided with the premiers’ meeting on climate change. 25,000 March for Climate Action The #ActOnClimate march of environmental groups, organized labour, students, community…

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