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Honouring God’s love for the Earth

Creation care is critical to the ministry of the national Anglican church.  As a Christian, I know I am called by God to respond to the human and ecological devastation of climate change with love and justice. So, I continue to do my part.

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Canadian Civil Society Statement on the Extractive Sector

Closing the International Accountability Gap
June 2016
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CPJ calls on the Government of Canada to ensure that people harmed by the overseas operations of Canadian mining, oil and gas companies are able to access justice in Canada.

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A Public Justice Vision for Canada’s Climate Action Plan

Submission to Environment and Climate Change Canada

June 2016

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CPJ is calling for a Canadian climate action plan that establishes a new emissions reduction target based on scientific estimates of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions budget, and contributes equitably towards the 1.5°C limit on global warming aspired to in the Paris Agreement. To achieve this target, CPJ calling for the implementation of clear, quantifiable, time-bound measures to (1) reduce GHG emissions, (2) develop a low-carbon economy, and (3) provide justice for those most directly impacted by climate change.

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Christian Voices for Climate Justice

Infographic: Christian Voices for Climate Justice

CPJ’s infographic on why Christians are asking for a strong pan-Canadian climate plan.

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We Should Tell our Canadian Climate Stories this Earth Day

This Earth Day, and you can bet it will include all of the perennial park clean-ups, spring seedling swaps, and perhaps a renewed push for recycling at the local public school.

That’s all good, but this year Earth Day is different. It offers something more.

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Susan Johnson

Canada’s Climate Stories

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. It is altering the physical environment of the Earth, devastating ecosystems, and contributing to social, economic, and political instability around the world. Still, many continue to see climate change and its impacts as someone else’s problem – whether they be elsewhere in Canada or across the…

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Paris Climate Conference: And After?

“We are here because people we work with in the South told us climate change is affecting them. I’m not here speaking on behalf of people in the Global South, but with them.”

— Geneviève Talbot

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Prayer for Climate Action

Earth Day is on April 22. This year, it will take on special significance as world leaders will be in New York to sign the historic Paris Agreement on climate change.

As we mark a Day of Prayer for Climate Action, we share our prayer for the Earth.

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COP21: Three Next Steps for Churches

From The Catalyst, Spring 2016 Last year saw climate change become a mainstream issue. International leaders gathered to negotiate the Paris Agreement at the COP21 climate negotiations. The Pope delivered his encyclical, Laudato si’: On Care for Our Common Home, and the Canadian Council of Churches released a statement, On Promoting Climate Justice and Ending Poverty…

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Stories from “Prayers for COP21 in Paris”

In the lead-up to the COP21 climate negotiations last December, Citizens for Public Justice produced resources to support faithful worship, action, and reflection on climate change. CPJ also coordinated a national prayer chain. Canadians were praying for climate justice for 296 consecutive hours during the climate negotiations.

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