Centering Agency in the Pursuit of Social Justice

Published in on March 14, 2024

CPJ’s 2023/2024 Public Justice Intern, Asvini Uthayakumaran, wrote a reflection piece for Kentro Christian Network on the rationale behind the collaborative International Development Week events with International Justice Mission Canada and World Renew. The joint panels took place in early February at Redeemer University and Centennial College and explored how the agency can be centered on international development work.

Status for All rally in September 2022
CPJ at the Status for All rally in September 2022

In the reflection piece, Asvini delves further into why centering agency is crucial in the pursuit of social justice. She writes, “Bringing lived experience into international development and social justice policy can reveal blind spots in existing legislation and approaches. It can also amplify approaches that have otherwise been suppressed, and help transcend the orthodox top-down decision-making structure.”

The image of the holding hands was provided by IJM, and the credit goes to Sanjay Sojwal.

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