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CPJ & Faith Partners Stand Up for the Right to Housing

One of the ways CPJ is continuing our advocacy for the right to housing is by making a submission to the National Housing Council’s review of “the Financialization of Purpose-Built Rental Housing.”  The Federal Housing Advocate called for the review and will look at “the growing dominance of financial actors in the housing sector, which…

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Global Strike for Climate and march for climate justice in Toronto, Ontario.

Pre-Budget Submission – August 2023

Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has presented its pre-budget submission for August 2023, emphasizing Canada’s commitment to human rights, sustainable development, and international climate obligations. Key recommendations include: Canada’s dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals is evident, with Prime Minister Trudeau’s role as Co-Chair of the SDG Advocates group. CPJ urges the federal government to…

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Canadian Native North West Art, fish jumping out of water

“It has been told to me that Bravery exists only in relation to fear; an act is not a brave one unless you are afraid.” – Dr. Ruth Green (Kanien’kehá:ka)

Before European contact in 1835, the population of the Haida Nation was upwards of 9000 strong. Fifty years later, disease brought by foreign merchants decimated the people, and there were less than 1500. Let that sink in. Over 80% of your community… gone. It’s an apocalypse. And yet the Haida’s experience, unbelievably, was far from…

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Wildfire burning in red and orange color

The Way Through the Climate Crisis

Collectively, we have lost our way. Across the world, greenhouse gas emissions are rising to levels that threaten other species, biodiversity, and ourselves. We have failed to understand how polluting industries and constant economic growth cannot coexist with sustainable living if profit and materialism remain the focus. We have failed to acknowledge how low-income countries…

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Aliénor leading the September 23rd 2022 youth climate strike in Toronto, where several thousands of students, youth and their adult allies took the streets to demand climate justice.

Finding Your Inner Activist: Debunking Three Myths about Being an Activist

In the face of the climate crisis and growing inequities, all hands are needed on deck to place justice at the top of the agenda. Polls repeatedly show that concern for inequities and climate catastrophe is on the rise. Meanwhile, opportunities to make a life out of activism are more numerous and more accessible than…

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A paper plane stuck in barbed wire of a detention centre.

Letter to PM calls for immediate end to migrant incarceration

Since the launch of the #WelcometoCanada campaign in 2022, CPJ has partnered with Human Rights Watch to call for an end to immigration detention in Canada. Since then, eight provinces have cancelled their immigration detention contracts with Canada Border Services Agency. However, some provinces have been transferring detainees to other provinces rather than releasing them,…

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Sowing the Seeds of Justice and Joy

In June, 2000, the city of Windsor, Ontario hosted the Organization of American States General Assembly. I had just started my first full-time public policy job and was excited to attend such a high-profile event. Rallies and protests were already familiar spaces to me and I considered them important opportunities to encourage political change. That…

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Screenshot of an online petition

Does signing petitions actually make a difference?

From calling on a papal apology for residential school abuse to ending poverty in Canada, online petitions have been increasingly present in digital space. But do they actually bring about change? Our own Socio-economic Policy Analyst, Natalie Appleyard, was one of the panellists on “The Agenda,” aired on TVO Today on May 15, 2023. Are…

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Camp for African refugees and displaced people on the outskirts of Hargeisa in Somaliland under UN auspices.

Becoming Agents of Change: Power, Privilege, and Choice

I was still living in the refugee camp in Swaziland when, on the night of October 8, 2014, I woke up to high pitched screams and hysterical, distressed cries of three women—two of whom I would soon learn were my teen peers. It was around 4.30 a.m. I seemed to hear sounds of burning. I…

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Becoming Agents of Change: Youth Leading the Charge

We often see changemakers as those with immense power that can shift societal norms. From politicians to civil society, to activists, we tend to view change through the eyes of social capital. However, more and more youth are being looked to for their leadership and expertise, as we seek to build a better future. And…

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