What Role Does Our Faith Play in Compelling Us to Care for Creation?!

Published in Do Justice on June 27, 2024

In the face of an imminent environmental crisis, a powerful climate justice movement is rising from the heart of faith communities across Canada. From coast, to coast, to coast, for over sixty years, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has been inspired by faith to act for social and environmental justice in Canadian public policy. ‘Give it up for the Earth!’, CPJ’s annual Lenten environmental campaign, brings faithful communities together to commit to individual carbon reductions, to call for a just transition towards a sustainable and equitable economy and to champion policies that will preserve the beauty, complexity, and life-sustaining nature of God’s creation. Such an initiative is essential to ensure Canada fulfills its fair share in combating the climate crisis, particularly as the world’s seventh-highest per capita emitter.

Our efforts focus around ending public subsidies to the fossil fuel sector, promoting ambitious emissions targets, and pledging for Canada’s commitment to gender-responsive climate finance. Additionally, ‘Give it up for the Earth!’ provides participants with numerous theological and informational resources (ie. Eco-Spirituality in Action webinar) to build a strong knowledge base for faith communities. Participation in this campaign has helped advance Bill C-226, which strives to create a national strategy on Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice. ‘Give it up for the Earth!’ is not simply a campaign; it’s a national movement driven by faith, hope, and the unwavering belief that together, we can build sufficient momentum towards climate justice in Canada. Your participation is a profound testament to elected officials that faith communities are not just concerned about the state of the planet, but are also committed to a mission of stewardship, fiercely determined to safeguard the intricate harmony of nature that is essential for the flourishing of all creation.

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