Poverty Reduction Strategy

CPJ welcomes the newly legislated Poverty Reduction Act

For the past decade, Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) and the Dignity for All campaign have called for a national anti-poverty strategy for Canada that is comprehensive, rights-based, legislated and fully funded.

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Manitoba Rent Assist freeze the latest cut to poverty reduction programs

According to a provincial break-down by Citizens for Public Justice, Manitoba has the highest poverty rate in Canada, with one-in-five currently living below the poverty line. That translates to 25% of children living in poverty and it’s forced 115,000 Manitobans to rely on the province’s Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) programs.

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Dignity for All speaks to Senate Committee on Poverty Reduction Act

Over the past few weeks, Dignity for All co-leads, Canada Without Poverty (CWP) and Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), had the opportunity to present as witnesses to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA), and the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, regarding key poverty legislation.

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Canada Says It’s Reached Record-Low Poverty. Experts Say There’s More to the Story.

Darlene O’Leary, socio-economic policy analyst for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), agrees that the current MBM provides somewhat of a distorted look at poverty in Canada. “The data is encouraging — however, it’s incomplete,” she told Global Citizen.

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Strategy to eradicate Canadian poverty needs an action plan

Faith communities need to continue serving the poor, but even more important, let’s remain vigilant to ensure that political promises to reduce poverty do not simply go up in smoke.

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Thanks to you, Canada has a Poverty Reduction Strategy!

The federal government launched Opportunity for All – Canada’s First Poverty Reduction Strategy! After years of calling for federal leadership in addressing poverty in Canada, supporters of CPJ and the Dignity for All campaign have made this happen!

Still, the work to end poverty continues. 

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When it comes to ending poverty in Canada, here’s one way to make a difference

Ending poverty in Canada – just thinking of it can be overwhelming. Where do you start to find solutions to the range of problems that need to be addressed? It’s not easy. There are economic, social, and, of course, policy considerations. But when you think about the people living each day weighed down by the…

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Churches can make a difference in ending poverty

Christians are called to privilege the voices and experience of those who live in poverty. Their voices must be the strongest in the work to end poverty.

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Poverty reduction didn’t happen under Harper, but it is possible

Read Pierre Poilievre’s op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen: “Harper, not Trudeau Sr., actually reduced poverty” Read Darlene O’Leary’s letter to the editor: “No, Harper didn’t help the poor”

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5 Qualities The Liberals’ New Anti-Poverty Plan Must Include

For several years, the UN and anti-poverty groups have been pushing for a national anti-poverty plan. Dignity for All: The campaign to end poverty in Canada has worked toward this goal, through broad consultation, since 2009. In February 2015 on Parliament Hill, the campaign launched a model National Anti-Poverty Plan. Based on our experience, here are five key…

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