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Finance Committee commences income inequality study, but whose interests do they have in mind?

Ten months after MPs voted to study income inequality in Canada, the House Finance Committee finally held their first of three meetings on the topic last Tuesday. And while three meetings isn’t much, it’s better than one, which is what the committee is said to have originally planned on. The credit goes to the civil society organizations and concerned Canadians who spoke out and demanded that the committee give more time and attention to this important issue. It seems the MPs were listening, at least partially.

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Does Parliament care about equal opportunity?

This past spring, Parliament passed Motion M-315, asking the Standing Committee on Finance to study income inequality in Canada. There are now indications that the committee will devote only one meeting—a mere few hours—to the study. So much for the will of the House. So much for an issue of growing concern for Canadians. Why would they be resistant to do the job?

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