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Keep up-to-date with the latest news and views from CPJ on poverty in Canada by reading the articles written by CPJ staff and citing CPJ’s work.

Canada’s New Poverty Measure Falls Short

Revisions to the MBM bring welcome improvements, but measure still falls short

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Letter to Minister Morneau: Put Pharmacare in Budget 2020

CPJ has co-signed a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, asking for the necessary commitments for pharmacare in this year’s federal budget.

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StatsCan looking to redefine poverty line

CPJ’s Natalie Appleyard spoke to Global News about StatsCan’s forthcoming updates to Canada’s measure of poverty.

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Moving Past the Middle

Poverty in Canada is a crisis that needs to be prioritized. The fact that we do not see it this way betrays some of our deeply held beliefs about who is poor, why people are poor, and what (if any) are the responsibilities of governments and citizens to do something about it.

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Activists want poverty at top of agenda

A group of people gathered at Parliament Hill on Oct. 17 to deliver a message to all political leaders in Canada that they must take the level of poverty in Canada seriously.

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Ending poverty is more than an election talking point

What does it mean to say we want to end poverty in Canada? More than an act of charity, this is a question of basic rights. Poverty forces people to make impossible choices about which of their basic needs will be met each day. Beyond just material deprivation, poverty seeds social exclusion that undermines people’s…

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Thousands take to streets to call for a poverty-free Canada

Canada’s largest anti-poverty campaign joins the worldwide movement on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

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Where is poverty in this election campaign

CPJ leadership has been travelling across Canada for a pre-election tour to help explain what’s at stake when we take to the polls on Oct. 21. Thankfully they added a Hamilton stop to the tour next week.

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Ending Poverty in Canada

Ending Poverty in Canada As people of faith, we know that we are called to engage with our world in a way that recognizes and affirms the dignity of all people. We are also called to challenge structures and institutions that create barriers to full life and dignity by working for justice. In Canada today,…

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*A* to *B* in Canada’s Capital City

Public transit has a vital role to play in reducing emissions (and addressing climate change) by minimizing car commuting, and it needs to effectively serve commuters.

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