Poverty in Canada

Loving Thy Neighbour: A Biblical Call to End Poverty

Poverty is an unnecessary injustice, for God created a world with abundant resources to use for sustaining healthy and dignified lives. The cause of poverty does not lie in the availability of resources and capital, but in the scarcity of practices such as stewardship and neighbourly love.

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Press Release: Stand Up against poverty: Coalition organizes anti-poverty event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, ON: October 17, 2008 – Friday, October 17 is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), along with the National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO) and the Ottawa District Labour Council (ODLC), invites individuals to come out and Stand Up against poverty. Stand Up, a global movement...

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Press Release: Social Justice Groups Demand Attention to Poverty and Inequality Down Home Stretch of Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ​ Ottawa, ON: , October 2, 2008 – Three Canadian social justice groups with members across Canada today demanded that poverty and social inequality issues be given greater attention by the political parties entering the home stretch of the 2008 federal election. These groups voiced their demands as a preface to a...

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Determining the link between health and poverty

Maria Páez Victor reviews Poverty and Policy in Canada: Implications for health and quality of life by Dennis Raphael.

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“For you always have the poor with you…”

The words “the poor you always have with you” in Mark 14:7 are sometimes used to deflect attention away from meeting the needs of the poor and focusing it elsewhere. But is this a legitimate use of this verse? Is Jesus really encouraging his followers to turn from the poor? Rev. Gary Hauch explores what...

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CPJ’s backgrounder & position paper on homelessness

June 2008 Download the backgrounder ​​Download the position paper A growing number of Canadians today face concerns of housing affordability and feel the impact of inadequate housing and homelessness. CPJ believes governments are responsible for protecting the rights of their citizens and for promoting the well-being of communities by investing in affordable housing and providing necessary funding...

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CPJ’s backgrounder & position paper on GLI

June 2008 Download the backgrounder Downlaod the position paper CPJ believes that an income security program, or guaranteed livable income (GLI), would ensure that everyone in Canada has access to the basic necessities of life, while respecting dignity and encouraging participation in society.

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Time for a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations September 2006Download the brief Citizens for Public Justice’s call for a national poverty reduction strategy is rooted in our commitment to the biblical call to do justice. It is also based on our understanding of public justice and the responsibilities of active citizenship.

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