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Renew the Christian roots of Canada’s health care system

Canada will celebrate its 150th year as one of the world’s most blessed countries. An incredibly diverse and hard-working population has transformed our expansive geography of plentiful natural resources into one of the world’s most wealthy societies. But our forbearers also colonized the original inhabitants and discriminated against women, social minorities and various groups of newcomers as they arrived…

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Donald Trump

Canadian organizations ready to resist the ‘Trump effect’ on climate justice

“The concerns with the new administration are that the United States will take a step back from the responsibility to support the Paris Accord that the previous administration seemed willing to do,” said Joe Gunn, executive director of Citizens for Public Justice.

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Welcoming Refugees in Troubled Times

Our world is taking uncertain turns. Countries are becoming more insular and inhospitable to refugees and those fleeing terror. The United States has suspended all refugee admissions from Syria indefinitely. This is disheartening, because the Syrian crisis keeps producing many refugees who need safety. This leaves Christians with a greater responsibility to welcome refugees.

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Trudeau breaks promise to change voting system in time for 2019 election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is abandoning his long-held promise to change the way Canadians vote in federal elections. Citizens for Public Justice said in a press release: “Our electoral system must address the needs of the most vulnerable in Canadian society and ensure that everyone can contribute to our democratic system. A system of proportional…

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Protesters gathered outside of the U.S. embassy in Ottawa Monday to denounce the immigration and refugee ban announced by U.S. President Donald Trump

Trudeau must match words with action in Trump era, say critics, rights groups

The prime minister’s “diversity is our strength” tweet sent the message that “regardless of [their] faith,” those seeking refuge will find an open door to Canada as the one in the U.S. temporarily closes. So far, the potential for a working relationship with the U.S. doesn’t appear to have been jeopardized by Mr. Trudeau’s tweet. Mr. Trump…

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Police officers are seen near a mosque after a shooting in Quebec Jan. 29.

Catholic leaders express grief and solidarity after Quebec mosque attack

Catholic leaders have expressed condolences and solidarity in prayer with Canadian Muslims after a shooting at a Quebec City mosque Jan. 29 that killed six and injured many more. Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), a Christian social justice think tank in Ottawa, also condemned the attack. “Our members are dedicated to the work of building…

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Police line

Police looking at Quebec attack suspect as ‘lone wolf’: source

Citizens for Public Justice, a group of Canadian Christians, churches and other religious congregations, expressed their solidarity with the Muslim community of Quebec City. “Last night’s shooting, targeting people of faith during their worship and prayer, is a deplorable attack on all Canadians and our most deeply-held values,” the group’s executive director, Joe Gunn, said.

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Faith communities must renounce hate speech

If you’re convinced this development will not touch your life in any substantive way, please pause to ask yourself: Will your own faith life, and faith community, remain the same? Do tumultuous changes in world politics, economics and security issues mean your personal and communal prayer must change, too? Or is our religious practice better…

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6 Ways Christians Are Marking Earth Day 2017

There has often been some distance between celebrations of faith and environmental action — between Easter and Earth Day. This year, however, these two springtime celebrations lined up pretty closely. Not only are they just days apart but their messages of sacrifice and renewal have also come together for people of faith around the world….

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This Christmas, contemplate the challenges refugees face

I’ll always remember the first time I spent the Christmas “holidays” in a refugee camp. It was the early days of 1982, on the Honduran border. Close enough to spit into El Salvador, we could sometimes hear bombardments. Families had next to nothing: they had fled the army’s “scorched earth” campaigns by swimming across the…

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