Month: August 2014

Letter: Canada at the 2014 UN Climate Summit

August 2014
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One month ahead of the 2014 Climate Summit, CPJ wrote to Prime Minster Stephen Harper asking him to attend the summit and present new ideas that will effectively tackle climate change, such as promised regulations on the oil and gas sector or Canada’s contribution of $400 million annually to the UN’s Green Climate Fund​

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Oil Rig

Oil and Gas Regulations: Fulfilling a Promise

By enacting strict GHG emissions standards across the entire oil and gas sector, our federal government can both fulfill its promises and care for the environment.

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Working Income Tax Benefit: A Pathway out of Poverty

Enhancing the WITB would remove some significant disincentives to paid work in the formal economy, ease pressure on social assistance, and lift working adults out of poverty.

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St. Peter's

St. Peter’s Ottawa is Caring for Creation

Originally published in Canada Lutheran – July/August 2014 How do we restore our covenantal relationship with God and creation? This was the question put to a gathering of parishioners in the fellowship hall at St. Peter’s Lutheran, Ottawa, on a Sunday morning late in February. Seminarian (and St. Peter’s intern) JoAnne Lam had just preached…

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birch trees

Budgeting for the Common Good: 2014 pre-budget submission

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance Pre-Budget Consultations
In this year’s pre-budget submission to the federal government’s Finance Committee, we focus on the Working Income Tax Benefit, oil and gas regulations, and tax cuts and credits that work against the common good of all people in Canada.

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refugee rules

Canadian government tightens rules on refugee children

As of August 1, 2014, new regulations mean that many refugees will have to decide whether safety in Canada is worth leaving their 19-year-old son or daughter behind in a potentially life-threatening situation. (This article was first published in the Toronto Star.)

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