Month: March 2014

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is Cleaning Up Its Act

“These standards make Nova Scotia one of the most progressive energy jurisdictions in the world”

– Darrell Dexter, former Premier of Nova Scotia 

Nova Scotia is making major moves to renewable energy sources that can be seen as a benchmark for the rest of the country. The province, notorious for its reliance on coal, has...

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Truth and Reconciliation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples

“You shall be called the repairer of the breach…” – Isaiah 58:12 In over 20 situations across the planet, truth commissions of various sorts have attempted to overcome past injustices. Most often, the process begins with telling a fuller story of what really happened (the truth), as histories are often written by the winners in...

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Carbon pricing would boost government’s credibility

(Originally published in Embassy News) The timing seems all too perfect. The critical COP 21 climate conference in Paris at the end of 2015 comes but a few months after the next federal election here in Canada. Nearly two years out, preparations for both events have already begun. But will they actually coincide to bring...

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Dry earth and green field

Living Ecological Justice: Redemption vs. Restoration

Creation has always been renewing – and restoring – itself, as long as humanity leaves it well alone. However, due to humans’ determination to exercise control and authority over creation, we are rapidly undoing what God spoke into being, disrupting a divinely designed balance. To begin participating in creation’s restorative processes calls for a change...

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Income Splitting

Income Splitting: A Contentious Debate within the Canadian Church

From the Spring 2014 edition of The Catalyst. Income splitting, also known as family taxation, would change the tax system so that it takes into account total family (rather than individual) income. It would allow higher income earners to transfer a portion of their annual income to the lower income partner to reduce the household’s overall...

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Think Green

4 Ways to Think Green at Church

Why getting rid of paper bulletins and disposable coffee cups won’t cut it.

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