Month: November 2013

Living Ecological Justice: Videos

Films and short videos can enhance your discussions on climate change and ecological justice. What follows is a small sampling.

Please note that while we offer this material for your consideration, CPJ does not necessarily endorse the material or the messages contained in these videos.

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CPJ staff in support of the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign

Canadian indifference and Syrian desperation

In December 2011, Jason Kenney, then minister of citizenship and immigration, pledged to increase the number of refugees by 20 per cent. However, the government actually decreased the number it resettled by 26 per cent. Only 5,412 government-assisted refugees arrived in our country in 2012, the second lowest number in any one year over the last three decades.


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Living Ecological Justice: Additional Reading

A great deal of valuable material has been written on the global environmental crisis, the role of faith communities, the importance of advocacy, and the role that taxation and investment can play in improving the fate of creation.

An abbreviated list of resources is included in Living Ecological Justice (pp. 120-121), but there wasn’t room for everything. Included here is a more comprehensive list of recommended reading. We hope that this material will help you on your way to becoming a more engaged and effective advocate for creation.

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Celebrating 50 Years and a New Book in Ottawa!

How fitting that CPJ celebrated our 50th anniversary of engaging faith, politics, and advocacy in Ottawa on November 1, All Saints’ Day! For half a century, CPJ members and supporters have pursued the inevitable connectedness between faithful Christian living and seeking justice in public policies. CPJ continues to “show up” and to “stand up” for…

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MP Panel Discussion

Faith. Justice. Impact?

The spirit and presence of Gerald Vandezande was undeniable as CPJ’s board and staff received two opposition Members of Parliament, NDP Paul Dewar and Liberal John McKay, for a recent discussion on faith and public policy. The discussion was held as part of the November 1-2 Board of Directors meeting, and aimed to explore how best CPJ could translate its prophetic voice on key public justice issues into policy impact.

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