Month: April 2013

Extraordinary Hope: 50th anniversary reflection

This is the fourth online reflection posted in honour of CPJ’s 50th anniversary.

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Loving our neighbours: Brief on Income Inequality

Reducing inequality by lifting Canadians out of poverty
Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Study of Income Inequality in Canada
The Finance Committee has finally started its study of income inequality. Prior to these hearings, CPJ submitted a brief to the committee entitled...

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Lee Hollaar

Building Public Justice Together

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​​

By Lee Hollaar

Last month our church dedicated a Sunday offering to the local food bank. It was a pleasure to think and act locally, without losing a perspective of what needs to change globally. The very next day the same food bank’s director was...

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“Income, Wealth, and Inequality”

February 2013
The “Income, Wealth, and Inequality” report is an in-depth look at a range of topics including income trends, the impact of inequality, and  the growing concentration of wealth.

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New ‘Proud to Protect Refugees’ campaign is launched

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​​

Refugee health: Churches need to speak out

Today on Refugee Rights Day, the Canadian Council for Refugees is launching the Proud to Protect Refugees campaign with CPJ’s support. The campaign is asking organizations to make a...

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