Month: May 2013

Three Generations of CPJ: 50th Anniversary Reflection

This is the fifth online reflection posted in honour of CPJ’s 50th anniversary.

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Canada’s affluence a reason to improve human rights

The UN’s 82 member delegations gathered in Geneva on April 26 to review Canada’s human rights performance. Together, they issued 162 recommendations dealing with everything from racial profiling to food security and basic sanitation. Canada has committed to responding to the UPR recommendations by September. CPJ will join other civil society and Aboriginal organizations tomorrow, Tuesday, May 28, in a consultation with federal, provincial and territorial government officials (convened by the Department of Canadian Heritage) to provide input into the development of the official response. At this meeting, we will continue to urge government officials to take action on poverty, Aboriginal rights, and affordable housing.

In an article published in Embassy on May 8, CPJ unpacks the recommendations we made to Canada’s human rights review and the reasons action is so urgently needed.

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Poverty in the BC election

With the BC election just one week away, it’s an important time to see what the parties have to say about poverty. What are their plans to improve the well-being and life chances of the 510,000 children, women, and men living below the poverty line?

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Growing Food Sovereignty in Gardens

Cultivating a mindful relationship with our food has never been more challenging or more important. Unlike preceding generations, the majority of us no longer live among those who grow our food. Much of the food sold in Canadian grocery stores has travelled long distances. And most eaters know remarkably little about their daily meals: Where was the food grown? By whom? Under what conditions?

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Carbon and the Common Good: A CPJ backgrounder

May 2012
CPJ’s backgrounder on pricing carbon emissions, Carbon and the Common Good, looks at the environmental crisis from a public justice perspective. After summarizing some of the biblical principles that guide our reflection, this paper addresses one specific and complex area of debate, carbon taxes. It also lays out some positioning for the organization on this issue.

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