Month: December 2013

Will Postma addressing CPJ’s anniversary dinner in Toronto

Public Justice – Now, More than Ever!

by Will Postma

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2013 edition of the Catalyst.​

​​For 50 years, Citizens for Public Justice has given voice and legs to my hopes and prayers for a more just Canada. I see CPJ as a little blue engine pulling a long train of carefully-considered policy recommendations over a mountain, undeterred by barriers of unjust legislation or misguided government priorities.

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Income inequality report fails poor Canadians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ottawa, ON: December 11, 2013 – A report on income inequality released by the House of Commons’ Finance Committee yesterday doesn’t do nearly enough to address the needs of low-income Canadians, says national faith-based organization Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ). According to CPJ’s Making Ends Meet report, released today, low-income families are struggling…

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“Making Ends Meet”

December 2013
This fourth and final report in our Poverty Trends Scorecard series shows that in the face of economic uncertainty and stagnant incomes, Canadians are working hard to keep up with rising living costs.

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Human Rights Day Statement

Human Rights Day Statement: What About Refugee Rights?

Activists, former politicians, and national church leaders found something to agree on this morning. All were among the 47 distinguished signatories of a Human Rights Day statement urging the government to change their refugee policies. The statement was released today by individuals and organizations across Canada including the Maytree Foundation and the Canadian Civil Liberties…

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Infographic: Guaranteed Livable Income in Canada

CPJ’s infographic comparing Canada’s current welfare system to a Guaranteed Livable Income.


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Mother and child

Is it time for a Guaranteed Livable Income?

Call it what you want – a basic income, guaranteed annual income, or guaranteed livable income – it’s an idea that’s gaining momentum both in Canada and abroad as countries such as Switzerland, India, and Brazil begin to test and consider such a program. The idea behind a guaranteed income is relatively straightforward: scrap our…

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