Month: May 2012

Alberta commits to a provincial poverty reduction strategy

May 2012
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The Chair of CPJ’s Board, Mark Huyser-Wierenga of Edmonton, has written to Alberta Premier Alison Redford to encourage her government to move forward with development of a poverty reduction strategy for her province. 

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AGM 2012: A Call to Speak Truth to Power

Sheila Regehr, former executive director of the National Council of Welfare speaks as CPJ’s 2012 Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. 

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The Northern Gateway Pipeline: Why We Cling to Oil

This award-winning article looks at the values that make us see oil as a necessity, with devastating impacts on the enviroment and vulnerable peoples.

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Dreaming of a Canada for All Kids

Imagine a Canada where all kids have access to adequate housing, clean water, a good education, and the opportunity to be the best they can be, regardless of their background. It’s a dream aboriginal children’s advocates are bringing to the forefront by highlighting the extreme inequities First Nations children experience in Canada. CPJ is shedding its own light on the issue through a recently launched video contest. It’s time for Canadians to look at life in Canada through the lens of a First Nations child.

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