Month: January 2014

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

Budget watch 2014: the need for visionary leadership

Budgets matter. Whether for a household, business, or government, they not only ensure we are being wise stewards of the resources entrusted to us, but reflect our values and priorities. They can be instruments used to bless and enrich the world around us, or they can perpetuate greed and self-interest. That is why CPJ follows…

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Pathway through birch forest

Living Ecological Justice: What is Stewardship?

The concept of stewardship often triggers conversations about management of finances and resources within a faith community. However, Stephen Bede Scharper challenges us to step beyond monetary responsibility to the broader scope of intentional  ecological accountability. Being a good steward means taking care of what has been bestowed upon us as our responsibility. One of the greatest tasks of a good steward is to love and to care for their gift as the Creator would. The phrase “creation care” is suggested by Scharper to replace or supercede stewardship, but I challenge that instead of displacing “stewardship,” the church must redefine and transform its limited understanding of dominion in Genesis 1:26-28. 

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