Month: November 2010

Letter to Minister Diane Finley

November 2010

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Letter to Minister Diane Finley encouraging a response to the House of Commons committee study on the federal role in addressing poverty

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Quality Care, Quality Choices: Backgrounder & position paper

May 2010
Rooted in issues of early childhood development, gender equality, and poverty, the lack of a national childcare plan is having detrimental effects on many children and their families in Canada. It is clear that what is needed is an affordable, accessible, quality national childcare program based on the best interest of the child. It is crucial that this program be situated within the context of a comprehensive set of family-oriented policies.

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You don’t always get what you want… But sometimes, you do

Early in 2008, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills Development, Social Development and Status of People with Disabilities (HUMA) initiated a study on the federal role in reducing poverty. Since then, there has been a federal election and Parliament has been prorogued twice. There were times when we wondered if the results of this study would ever see the light of day. Then, last week Federal Poverty Reduction Plan: Working in Partnership Towards Reducing Poverty in Canada was released. The publication of the HUMA report seemed a victory in and of itself, but the content has us really excited.

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Press Release: CPJ praises vision of Parliamentary Committee


Ottawa, ON: November 18, 2010 – Citizens for Public Justice applauds the Parliamentary Committee on Human Resources and Skills Development (HUMA) for their resounding endorsement of the need for a federal poverty reduction plan.

Poverty is about more than money. It is a complex issue that requires a comprehensive approach that addresses housing, childcare and social exclusion – in addition to living wages and income supports. CPJ was very pleased to see an understanding of this complexity in “Federal Poverty Reduction Plan: Working in Partnership Towards Reducing Poverty in Canada,” the HUMA Committee report released this afternoon.

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