Month: November 2011

The Effects of Poverty in Canada’s North

This is the second part in a series exploring climate change, poverty, how the two are related, and their impacts on Canadian Inuit. The first part explored the major impacts of climate change in Canada’s North, both on the environment and on the Inuit living there. This installment examines how poverty affects the Inuit.

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The FTT: Part of the Solution

The Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) has been attracting a lot of attention lately. While the Canadian government has stated its opposition to increased taxation and decided to pursue austerity measures instead, what are the implications for the economy and common good?

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Aurora in the Nunavut area

Climate Change in Canada’s North

This is the first feature in a series exploring the link between climate change and poverty. Canada’s North is an obvious example of the effects of climate change on not only the environment and natural resources, but also on the quality of life of those who live in the region. Stay tuned for Part II exploring the effects of poverty on Inuit in Canada.

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