Stephen’s Enduring Legacy

For our staff, CPJ is more than a place of employment. People who work at CPJ are drawn by the faith-based platform promoting and advocating for policies that will help develop a just society for Canada. Striving for public justice is a cause, a worthwhile ministry. CPJ is funded by thousands of donors, many of…

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Lessons from First Nations Communities in Seeking Justice

The following is an excerpt from a keynote conversation at CPJ’s Seeking Justice Together Conference in May 2021. Melina Laboucan-Massimo: Our Indigenous worldviews are holistic, circular, and reciprocal. We don’t see a pyramid where man sits on top with dominion over the world. One of the most beautiful stories I remember learning from my aunties,…

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Book Review: A Complex Exile: Homelessness and Social Exclusion in Canada

This book provokes questions about how (and why) we settle for failure: the failure of our society to ensure people’s rights and dignity are honoured, the failure of our current “solutions” to homelessness to bring about real social inclusion, and even the presumed “failure” of people who are marginalized by our social structures and systems….

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‘Nothing to See Here, Folks’, as Canada Sends Updated Carbon Target to UN

“Nothing to see here, folks!” wrote Karri Munn-Venn, senior policy analyst at Citizens for Public Justice. “In a highly anticipated announcement about Canada’s new emissions reduction target, Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said, well, nothing.”

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Unprecedented heat wave demands unprecedented action

Let’s take advantage of the unprecedented heat wave we have all been experiencing. Email your MP now to demand decisive action. The House of Commons website enables you to find the name and contact information for your MP just by entering your postal code. The Citizens for Public Justice website provides tips on what to write and other…

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How Can We Create A Canada Worth Celebrating?

Tomorrow is Canada Day.  For many across the country, feelings of grief and lament are eclipsing those of celebration and national pride.  The remains of over one thousand bodies have been uncovered in unmarked graves at former Indian Residential Schools in Kamloops,  Marieval, Brandon, and other locations—and the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission…

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‘Creation care’: How churches aim to save a warming planet

In Canada, as the urgency around the climate has grown, many faith communities are beginning to take more concrete political action that goes well beyond their religious convictions, says Karri Munn-Venn, senior policy analyst at Citizens for Public Justice, a Canadian organization that fights for social and environmental justice through a lens of faith.

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UNDRIP passage celebrated

The Ottawa-based Citizens for Public Justice said passage of Bill C-15 is important but more must be done going forward. “Getting Bill C-15 across the finish line is, in many ways, just the beginning,” said CPJ in a statement. “The work of aligning Canadian laws with the UN declaration is the next critical order of…

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CPJ Celebrates Passage of Bill C-15

This is a moment to pause and to celebrate. It is time to lift up Indigenous Peoples in Canada who have worked for decades to have their rights recognized and honoured by the Government of Canada. But we can only pause briefly. Getting Bill C-15 (An Act respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights…

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Grief Must Prompt Action for Residential School Victims

CPJ staff join in mourning for the 215 children found in a mass grave at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. We grieve for their families, their communities, their nations. We grieve for the deliberate dehumanization, indoctrination, and genocide justified by Church teachings such as the Doctrine of Discovery. We grieve for the ongoing violence…

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