Letter to Harbour Air about Transition to Clean Energy

Greg McDougall

Harbour Air

4760 Inglis Drive

Richmond, BC

V7B 1W4


Dear Mr. McDougall;

I am writing to commend you in the announcement of your partnership with Magni500 to transition to electric airplane fleet by 2022.

As a faith-based public policy organization, Citizens For Public Justice has worked diligently to advocate for Canada to transition to clean energy. Canadians want their elected, civic, and business leaders to take our environmental crisis seriously. We all know that renewable energy protects our health and will ensure a healthy future for our children.

Thank you for your leadership in pushing forward in this critical transition. I applaud your vision and commitment to a healthy future for all.



Willard Metzger

Executive Director


  1. Alice Wong, MP

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment & Climate Change

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