Join CPJ’s Board

Citizens for Public Justice is no longer accepting nominations to our Board of Directors. 

Nominees need to:

  • be a CPJ member.
  • be a Christian.
  • affirm that they agree with the document entitled “Public Justice for citizens, governments, and CPJ.”
  • be willing and able to serve well and enthusiastically as a Board Member. (The Board usually meets twice a year, often in Ottawa, and holds video-conferences or committee meetings almost every month.)

The responsibilities of a board member are to:

  • oversee the development and implementation of policy;
  • approve program areas, new staff positions and hiring criteria;
  • select and evaluate the Executive Director;
  • approve the annual budget and any major expenditures that may not be included in the annual budget;
  • support and participate in fundraising activities, including the annual telethon;
  • participate in membership recruitment activities;
  • participate in semi-annual two-day meetings and conference calls or email discussions between meetings;
  • participate in board committees by conference call or email discussions; and,
  • be a public face of CPJ in your geographic area, and help organize events in your area.

We ask each board nominee to respond briefly to the following questions:

  • What is the value, purpose, or role of CPJ in your view?
  • How can you contribute to CPJ as a Board Member?
  • Give a brief biography of yourself.

CPJ has a 13-member board of directors representing all regions of Canada. Board members serve for a three-year term. You can see a list of current board members and the regions they represent here.

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