Infographic: Affordable housing in Canada

Check out our infographic on affordable housing in Canada

*Please note: the shelter bed vs. affordable housing costs for Toronto represent the municipal costs only.

**The original version of this infographic incorrectly stated the cost for keeping someone on the street was $48,000 instead of $40,000. Our apologies for this error. The infographic has been corrected and updated to indicate that this figure comes from a study in Vancouver.

**The assertion that Canada is the only G8 country without a plan is under dispute. Some questions whether federal policies in Germany, Italy, Japan are, in fact, national housing plans.


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3Federal housing investments:

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Affordable housing in Canada”

  1. i think if the
    i think if the government buys apartments and houses for the homeless /low income people and charge only less than 1/3rd of their cheques.. then there might be enough but at the rate the government is going wasting billions on the war in the middle east and putting ads on tv about BCs economy being great well that is a lie and it costs a fortune to do that,,,its not good the the premier is wasting money on projects that we dont need.. like the enderbridge pipe line ,its just another bill[Heat] that BCers on low income cant afford…its bad enough that hydro[power,heat] is expensive enough and wood heat is better but not all can afford to buy wood , nor do they have a wood stove…
    this country has gone to the birds.. Wake up times have changed and there is NO such thing as 375.00 Rent.. live in the bush build your own cabin and have a wood stove.. ive done that before… just to survive…

    well i personaly think that the government could get off their fanny and actually do their job and raise the rates of poverty and i even have a great idea how to.. start with welfare and disability rates they are so low. it like living back in the stone age…

    Support Rate
    Size A B C D
    1 $531.42 N/A N/A N/A $375.00-[Shelter]

    2 $700.56 $949.06 $672.08 $949.06 570.00 – [Shelter]

    3 $794.56 $1043.06 $672.08 $1043.06 $660.00-[Shelter]

    4 $794.56 $1043.06 $672.08 $1043.06 $700.00-[Shelter]

    5 $794.56 $1043.06 $672.08 $1043.06 $750.00-[Shelter]

    6 $794.56 $1043.06 $672.08 $1043.06 $785.00- [Shelter]
    7 $794.56 $1043.06 $672.08 $1043.06 $820.00-{shelter]

    Key Effective April 1, 2007, rates for:

    A Singles, couples, and two-parent families where one family member is a person with disabilities (PWD), and the other is not a PWD and is under 65.
    B Couples and two-parent families where both adults are PWDs.
    C One-parent families where the parent is a PWD.

    D Couples and two-parent families where one adult is aged 65 years or older but is not a PWD and where one adult is a PWD.

    now it would help if the rates show as this:

    Support Rate Shelter
    Size A B C D

    1 $794.56 $1443.06 $1472.08 $1543.06 $660.00[Rent]
    2 $894.56 $1443.06 $1172.08 $1443.06 $850.00[Rent]
    3 $1194.56 $1543.06 $1572.08 $1543.06 $1050.00[Rent]
    4 $1394.56 $1743.06 $1772.08 $1743.06 $1685.00[Rent]
    5 $1494.56 $1843.06 $1872.08 $1843.06 $2020.00[Rent]
    6 1589.90 $1900.00 $1976.00 $1989.00

    any more children in household add 300.00 per child in 1 house hold

    anyways that is my idea of the government uping the rates on our cheques…

  2. With Canada’s housing
    With Canada’s housing shortage, and especially Ontario’s, I question how we are going to house so many refugees? Isn’t inviting 25,000+ refugees going to only make things even tougher? I know several people that sold their homes only to discover they couldn’t afford to buy back into the market, then had a hell of a time trying to find a rental. I care about refugees, but I also worry about homelessness in our cold country.

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