Climate Mandate Letter to PM Trudeau

Today, CPJ joined Climate Action Network Canada and 29 other organizations from across Canada in writing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As he prepares to form a new cabinet, we called on him to put in place mechanisms to meet stronger climate targets that would limit warming to 1.5°.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Congratulations on your re-election to lead Canada’s government at this pivotal time in history. The next few years are crucial in responding to the climate emergency. This crisis requires transcending partisan lines for the benefit of all Canadians.

Canada is in the midst of transformative change. Our foundational systems are being challenged to respond and adapt to the climate crisis, economic changes driven by automation and global competitiveness, and social and health issues like immigration, housing, poverty alleviation, addiction and harm-reduction. Canadians feel these pressures as daily influences in their lives, and in the most Canadian of ways, we want to help our friends, families and neighbours to prosper. This generosity of spirit must come to life with this government, through investment in cross-partisan, cross-sectoral co-operation to meet today’s complex, interlocking social, economic and environmental challenges. Together, we can build a stronger, kinder, more resilient Canada.

The next decade must necessarily be one of global transformation toward governance and economic systems that actually work for people and the planet. The next term of government will define Canada’s contribution to this era. We ask you to demonstrate the Government of Canada’s commitment to navigating transformation through cooperation, transparency, accountability, and evidence-based decision making. We ask that you commit to collaboration with all Parliamentary colleagues and the public service, along with respectful and constructive engagement with Canadian civil society, business, labour, the public and private sector, charities and not-for-profits. Together, we can build public policy that serves all Canadians and delivers necessary climate ambition.

We at Climate Action Network Canada, along with our members, are counting on the Government of Canada, under your leadership, to act immediately on five key priorities:

  1. Listen to scientists. Set science-backed climate targets and limit warming to 1.5°
  2. Create mechanisms to keep government accountable and on track to meet our climate commitments.
  3. Ensure a just transition for workers by collaborating with communities.
  4. Redirect investment away from fossil fuels and towards clean energy: eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, stop expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.
  5. Fully implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Respect free, prior and informed consent.

We look forward to seeing elements of these priorities reflected across a number of Ministerial Mandate Letters. As these challenges are interconnected, they can not be dealt with by any Minister or Department in isolation.

Download the full letter.

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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