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The Advent of Justice… Again

Advent is cheapened by the secular sentimentality of Christmas. The Advent of Justice is a book of meditations that leads readers into a costly time of waiting and longing.


No Barriers: My Experience in Lockdown at Parliament

On October 22nd, I went to Parliament to attend a discussion on youth unemployment and poverty. I had been to Parliament before, but this was my first time since I moved to Ottawa in August to begin my internship with Citizens for Public Justice. I remember being a bit surprised that I was allowed to get so close to the actual building unchecked. I remember appreciating the grandeur of the building, preserved after all these years.


Up for Debate: Women’s Rights and Public Justice

Today, Citizens for Public Justice has joined the Alliance for Women’s Rights campaign called Up for Debate. The campaign calls for federal party leaders to commit to participate in a nationally broadcasted leaders’ debate on policies and issues that impact women’s lives.

But, does Canada really need to talk about women’s issues?

The answer is yes.


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